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Why choose us?

Club history

Nokémono Judokwai started out as a
weekly introduction class to Bondi Judo
club. By 2006, the class had grown in
popularity and had a loyal following of
dedicated Judo students who shared
Pete Anderson's values of discipline,
respect, honour and skill.

At this point Pete decided to turn the
class into a fully fledged Judo club in
its own right, and on the recommendation
of some of his students, Pete officially
founded Nokémono Judokwai
("Outcast Judo Club") in August 2006.
It's aim was to offer a club with a unique
atmosphere, with fun and approachability
brought to the forefront.


By late 2007, Nokémono Judokwai had grown to the point where it needed a bigger training area to accommodate the increasing number of Judo students. The club moved to the Sir David English Centre in June 2008 and in July 2008, nokémono launched its first junior Judo session, which immediately attracted a large number of children from the local community.

In February 2012, the British Judo Association informed us that there was a need for a judo club in Ferndown, which due to our ever increasing numbers was both a timely and fortuitous opportunity, and so in April 2012 we began our second site for Nokémono.

In July 2012, we were asked to help out at Bondi Judo Club (previously mentioned), which had temporarily lost their instructors due to unfortunate circumstances.
The nokémono coaching team were happy to step in and help. Over a short period of time the club began to thrive again, and Bondi became a temporary part of the Nokémono group. By Early 2014, Bondi's numbers had increased by 300% and with Bondi's original coach returning to teach we were proud to have been able to help out and wish them all the best in the future.

In 2013 Nokémono Judokwai have been awarded the Queen's award for volunteering click here for more details   MBE for Voluntary Services

After a few years of club membership increasing consistantly, the club had outgrown the hub room at Sir David English Sports Centre (SDE) and in January 2017 we moved our main sessions to the Winton Royal British Legion, retaining our after school sessions at SDE.

Why we're different

nokémono judokwai is a non-profit making Judo club which concentrates on discipline, respect and technical excellence, with a fun manner for both children and adults.

At nokémono we have a unique atmosphere which concentrates on fun and approachability, but not at the expense of discipline. We pride ourselves on being open to all and we encourage parents' involvement.
Many of our students (including some of the more experienced Kyu grades) started at Nokémono Judokwai with no previous experience of Judo or any other martial art.
Our members have mixed abilities and skills. We'll start with the basics and work with you throughout your progression.

We are non-profit volunteers

All our coaches are volunteers.
We don't get paid for what we do, we do it for the enjoyment of our sport and to encourage children to become upstanding members of the community.
This means that if any profits are made, they're put back into the club for the students education and advancements in Judo.

What we provide

Nokémono Judokwai and its coaches cater training to individual members according to their build, speed, strength and ability. This means that members acquire the necessary skills faster and maintain motivation and confidence.
This approach is unique to a handful of Judo clubs in the UK and we are proud to be one of them.

What we stand for

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Judo licence?

Put simply your Judo licence is your insurance against injury and the official record book for any gradings in which you partake. It's good to remember that although injuries are rare, Judo is a contact sport.
BJA Rules: No Licence, No Judo.

What if I am not very good at it?

It is not uncommon for people to worry that they'll come to a club and be the only beginner in a room full of experts. There's no need to be worried. We have a range of grades from Novice to black belts to help you every step of the way.
Nokémono Judokwai welcomes everyone, from newcomers to the world of martial arts, through to seasoned veterans looking to refine their skills. At Nokémono we're passionate about Judo and have never forgotten our beginners hearts!

There are always new comers to the club – we promise you won't be the only one!

Some fighters don't wish to compete and therefore struggle to keep up with the others. It is important that you enjoy your sport and don't compare yourself to seasoned fighters. Just because your experience is less doesn't mean that you're not good at your sport.

Am I too old / too young?

We welcome people of all ages to the sport. We also welcome family groups, including parents looking to accompany sons and daughters. The minimum age is 5 years old.

Is it expensive?

No, in fact we'll provide the first four sessions free. That way you can find out if you like it before spending any money and discover first hand why we are different to other Judo clubs.

We keep our prices as low as possible, so you can either

Pay as you go £6 per session
Gold Membership 3 sessions per week £55 per month
Silver Membership 2 sessions per week £35 per month
Bronze Membership 1 session per week £20 per month

As you progress we recommend the purchase of the appropriate Judo attire called a (gi) which consists of a tough jacket, trousers and a white belt.
We have spare sets that you can borrow to get you started and if you decide that you like Judo and want to keep coming, then we can supply you with a Judogi. And because we want to make our sport as affordable as possible you can buy Judogi's cheaper from us than anywhere else – we pass down negotiated discounts from our suppliers to our students.

I’m thinking of taking up Judo but I’ve never done any martial arts before, can I come to nokémono judokwai?

Absolutely! Many of our students (including some of the more experienced Kyu grades) started at nokémono judokwai with no previous experience of Judo or any other martial art. Our members are all of mixed abilities and skill levels.
We’ll start with the basics and work with you throughout your progression.

I'm a complete novice, won't I just get thrown around and beaten up?

Not at all, quite the opposite in fact. We'll help you get started and will happily let you throw us around while you learn and practise the moves. We'll go at your pace, giving minimal resistance to begin with. Then, over time as you get better we'll gradually increase the amount of resistance we give you until you're ready for full combat.
We care as much for our new starters as we do for our experienced members, after all we've all been beginners.

I did Judo as a kid but I’m out of practice, can I come to nokémono judokwai?

Certainly, some of our adult members have returned to Judo after taking several years off and have picked it up again brilliantly.

Do you do a Children’s Judo class?

We do, the Children’s Judo classes are:

Monday Squad sessions
7:00pm – 9:00pm Competitors age 8 and over

Wednesday sessions
7:00pm – 8:00pm Children
8:00pm – 9:00pm Adults

Friday after school sessions
3:45 – 4:45 Youth (10 – 15 years)

Saturday sessions
10:00am – 11:00am Children (5 – 9 years)
11:00am – 12:00pm Youth (10 – 15 years)

We have around 20 - 30 children aged between 5 and 16 on average for each class who regularly attend Judo (the minimum age for Judo is 5).

We also have a seating area at the side of the Judo mat to encourage parents to watch the classes.

If you are curious and would like to see what the world of Judo is all about,
why not join us at Nokémono Judokwai Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays.

We’d like to welcome you to our Judo club, Nokémono Judokwai.