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Molly – "I love that I started Judo and I love every minute of it"

Jacob (noodle) – "It's very good training"

Jack – "Hard work and a good time"

Robert – "It's good to throw people after a hard week :)"


"Thankyou nokémono for all your hard work and may it long continue."
Toni McKeown

My son and daughter have been going to nokémono judo club now for a couple of years, and I have noticed a significant difference in how they are both growing, as children, but also into young adults. I feel that the club have played a role in this in the skills that they have learnt and how they choose to approach other people in thier everyday lives. We are very happy with the dicision we made of putting them in the club and hope to also place our youngest in the club also, once he is old enough to join. Thankyou nokémono for all your hard work and may it long continue.

"I really can't wait to see how far nokémono can go"
Emma-Leigh Graham

I originally heard about nokémono in 2007. It sounded different to all other Judo clubs, being friendly, non-profiting and what I thought was a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. When I first went along I chose to watch at first as I was slightly nervous and not sure what to expect. After watching the first lesson I just wanted to get on the mat and give it a go. I attended for a few months, and a little while after that I became pregnant with Max. During my pregnancy I became more involved in the 'behind the scenes' so to speak of nokémono and became finance coordinator. I love my role within the club and I am so proud to be part of nokémono, watching it grow at an amazing rate and helping to plan the future of the club. I really can't wait to see how far nokémono can go. I have now been able to go back on the mat and start my training again which is helping to boost my confidence after having Max as it is a great work out. The best part is talking to the parents and the students as it's a family orientated club so Max loves watching everyone train. So if you are nervous or unsure about joining a Judo club nokémono is perfect, everyone is friendly, no-one is left out, you're made to feel welcome and you are able to progress at your own pace.

"Everyone made me feel really welcome"
Vicky Savill

As a child I really enjoyed Judo, but as the only girl in the class I kept getting hurt fighting the boys who weren’t aware of their own strength and eventually I gave up. So when my brother suggested I went along to nokémono judokwai my immediate reaction was “No way!” After listening to stories about the club and how relaxed the environment was, I decided to go along. So there I was before my first session as an adult, having forgotten most of what I’d learnt as a youngster, and feeling fairly apprehensive. Was it too late to go home? However, everyone made me feel really welcome and it didn’t matter that I didn’t know my stuff. Pete coaches in such a way that you feel comfortable asking anything and you are encouraged to learn at your own pace. I was concerned that I would end up injured (given the difference in strength) but everyone tailors their techniques to suit who they are working with. There are now a few regular females on the mat (gradually we are shifting the balance of power!) and it would be fantastic if more joined. I am thrilled that I got back into Judo, partly because I have noticed my fitness level improve, but mainly because of the fun, open atmosphere at the club.

“An exceptional Judo instructor and a good friend”
Graham Peppercorn

I’ve known Pete since 2004 and have been a student of his since he introduced me to Judo in 2005. I came to Judo as a complete novice and was nervous and very unsure of my abilities. However, over the years, Pete’s training has taken me further than I ever thought possible. I’ve found Pete to be an exceptional Judo instructor. He has over 20 years experience at Judo and his knowledge, professional teaching style and light-hearted attitude all work together to bring out the best in his students. From a technical point of view, Pete’s thorough understanding of Judo means that not only can he teach the “text book” version of a throw but will often adapt it so that it is more effective and/or better suited to the size, build and natural ability of the person learning it. It is this more personalised approach that sets nokémono apart from other Judo clubs. As a Judo instructor, Pete is incredibly patient and never pushes you too hard. Instead, he’ll work with you at your own pace, building up your skills and confidence to the point when you’ll want to push yourself harder to become better and progress through the grades. Finally, Pete is a genuine person and has become a close and trusted friend. His kind-hearted and professional attitude to Judo and those around him has helped to create a friendly and open culture at nokémono. The club continues to attract a loyal following of both adults and children and Pete is liked and respected by everyone he teaches.

“Very professional… it sometimes feels like you have your own personal trainer”
Jim Hickey

I first saw Pete when I stayed to watch a Senior Judo session after my son’s first Junior Judo session. Pete “stood out from the crowd” and even though I had no Judo experience at that time, I could see that Pete was different from everybody else. The following week, I had my first Judo session and was partnered with Pete. I found that Pete instinctively helps anyone, positively correcting my mistakes and focuses on the principle that good Judo technique will beat strength, so anyone regardless of build, age or sex can train successfully at Judo. When I heard about nokémono, I wasted no time in joining. Since I’ve been a member, I’ve found Pete to be very professional whilst creating an atmosphere of enjoyment that leaves you counting down the days until the next Judo session. Pete’s way of teaching is always respectful and he would never push you further than you feel comfortable. If you don’t understand a Judo technique, Pete will patiently demonstrate until you are happy to give it a try – it sometimes feels like you have your own personal trainer as Pete will modify certain Judo moves and throws around your build and ability, understanding that everyone is different. In June 2008, Pete started a Junior Judo class. This has been very successful, due to Pete’s easy going, enjoyable way of teaching. Under Pete’s guidance and instruction, nokémono judokwai can only get bigger and better.

“Pete has helped me expand my knowledge of Judo and has taught me specific Judo techniques that work for my style of fighting.”
Dougal Shakespeare

I first started Judo when I was 11 years old as a way to build confidence and learn to look after myself. My Dad used to do unarmed combat in the RAF and suggested Judo as the ideal martial art for me. I trained at Judo until I was 17 but slowly stopped due to work commitments. I came back to Judo in 2005 and met Pete at another Judo club. I enjoyed fighting Pete as he didn’t mind me fighting him as hard as I could, but also didn’t just slam me into the Judo mat simply because he could. When I discovered that Pete was teaching at another Judo club, I asked to go and train with him. Pete has helped me expand my knowledge of Judo and has taught me specific Judo techniques that work for my style of fighting, rather than his favourite throw. I also like the friendly, fun atmosphere we have at nokémono judokwai. We have a great deal of respect for Judo and each other.