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Equality and Diversity

At nokémono we believe that every student has the right to equal opportunities, to learn something new and to gain confidence in life. For us, every student matters, which means we support our students no matter what their ability. Some of the special needs at the club include Asburgers, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, hard of hearing and visual impairment and we are working to continue building special needs Judo at our club and in Dorset.

Judo can improve coordination, self esteem, confidence and social skills for all children. As well as this, at nokémono we know that Judo builds strength, stamina, core stability and fitness. Coupled with demonstrating the disciplinary aspects which go with the sport, and encouraging students to work as a team, we've seen shy and retiring characters come out of their shell, and those who are outspoken or aggressive learn to show restraint and respect for others.

We're very proud of our players and their ability to overcome or adapt to their learning difficulties, physical impairments or those who struggle in certain social situations.