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nokemono Grid Seven Booklet and Rewards

Education Program: Grid Seven

In summer 2011 we launched our incentivised education and development program to encourage all students to increase their active role in judo outside of training sessions at the club and to gain higher qualifications in judo

What is the program about?
We've worked hard to bring our students an incentive program which encourages them to excel in judo whether it's to raise funds, become a future instructor of the club or to work on your personal goals. These are a few examples of what you can do to improve both your personal experience of judo and our club.
Grid Seven is a step by step program that can really improve what you already do, but also encourage you to help out with the club - even the smallest tasks session-by-session can help us build a stronger club faster.
When you've completed Grid Seven you'll be given an exclusive Grid Seven badge to go on your gi and Grid Seven T-shirt. Although many are working towards Achieving G7 only an elite few have completed it, Are you deserving?

Why have we created the program?

We have a unique atmosphere and ethos at nokémono and we want to ensure that the future of our club stays that way, but we also want to expand and influence others in the world of judo.
Although we're a relatively new club (founded in 2006), in that short time we've built a fantastic reputation in schools, the local community and the BJA.
Over the last ten years:

Grid Seven will help us increase our outreach even further.

Our goal is to:

We believe that by educating our students we'll build a vital infrastructure to achieve our goals.


It's quite simple; if you're a nokémono student, all you need to do is become a member, you will then receive your guide booklet, look through to see what you'd like to do. The idea is to challenge yourselves and open yourselves to something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.
Once you've completed a task, you log it on the back of your booklet and get it signed off by one of our coaches. You’ll then be issued with your certificate for each grid on completion.
The tasks are divided into sections, for each section you complete you'll receive a certificate. There are also tasks that gain half sections to make it easier for the younger players, again when you have completed two halves you will receive a certificate. Once you have seven sections completed you will have completed Grid Seven.

All contents and associated documentation of the Grid Seven (G7) Program are covered by copyright
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